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Rainforest (Sept. 16th – 20th)

This was another exciting, but short, week in Rainforest class. Even though the week was a little short than normal, we still managed to complete our work and learn more things in class like normal.
For phonics, we practiced reading bigger words and the skills we could use to make reading them easier. For example we looked at separating it into the different syllables to make reading each part easier. We also reviewed how to turn other words into snap words making them easier to read by following the snap word rules. The goal of this to help increase their ability to read more words on their own.

We looked more at our line of inquiry: Ways to achieve a common goal. To begin we completed our group puzzle and discussed the how and why of the importance of teams and how we all can contribute something in a role which can lead to helping accomplish a goal.

To help the see the importance of making goals, we played a ball game where they needed to get the ping-pong ball into the correct basket. This was used to help to demonstrate to the students the importance of having goals. Additionally, we talked about what a goal is and how to achieve them. The students thought of  goals that could be completed in a group as well as personal goals they could complete. The students needed to think of the roles needed to complete these goals. This helped them to see that to achieve a common goal you need to think of steps, or roles, that would be needed to complete the goal.  This helps go back to the central idea of how they all share responsibility to achieve a common goal.