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Rainforest: New Theme-Unit and New Friends July 3-7

We welcome two new students to Rainforest. Welcome R and Y! We embark on a new theme and unit this July. Rainforest helped with preparing the new Unit Wall. We carried books from our classroom to the library, borrowed new books and carried them back to class. Thank you! Perfect for our new theme – How We Organise Ourselves. The central idea is ‘Teamwork is essential to achieve common goals.’ We will explore this central idea along three lines of inquiry in the months to come. The book that we will be reading for the unit ‘The Night Iceberg’ by Helen Stephens, tells the story of sharing and working together. This busy week saw us getting ready for Tanabata Festival too. We made lanterns and wrote our wishes. We hung them at the entrance of the school.

We tried a few teamwork games, first in pairs then in groups of four. Was it easy to work together? Yes and why or no and why not ? “The ball keeps dropping. The scarf is too soft. Someone didn’t hold that side. It was easy just 2 of us.”

We had a Road Safety Training session by Matsumoto City Hall. The squirrel mascot captivated the children and they listened well to the three tips – 1. In the car child seat, buckle up well and be seated. 2. Hold an adult’s hand when in a carpark or by the road. 3. Stop at a pedestrian crossing, look right left right. When you cross the road, put your right arm up high and walk. Rainforest paired up with Canyon and they did well at the mock road crossings set up in the schoolyard. Great job! We begin our summer pool play in the schoolyard from this week onwards. We had a splashing good time. To our dear Parents, thank you for joining us at our Gym Open Day! Till next week, take care and have a cool weekend!