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Rainforest and a Fabulous Christmas Show! December 11-15

The Christmas Show was a roaring success! The Wonderful Students of Rainforest delivered an excellent performance of The Wonderful Wizards of Oz. They enjoyed themselves singing, dancing and Kung Fu fighting as Dorothy, Toto, Munchkins, Wizards, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion. Their voices were loud, clear, and their acting expressive! Here are some behind the scenes photographs.

Rainforest was surprised by Santa’s visit! He gave me presentsbook, origami and jump rope! Rainforest discussed and wrote their thoughts and reflection about the Christmas Show. What was your favourite part of the show and why? What did you enjoy? I liked pianica performance. It was fun! The flying shoe was funny! I enjoyed kung fu fighting and punching.

Thank you dear Parents for your wonderful support. Till next week, have a great weekend.