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Rainforest: Happy New Year 2024! January 8 -12

Warmest New Year Greetings to all! It was good to have the whole class back on the first day of school. Rainforest was eager to share our holiday adventures. Some of us went skiing and others visited Grandparents and friends. We all spent our holiday in different ways, and so we wrote it in our Journal Writing.

The IB theme for this term is Sharing the Planet. The central idea is The 3Rs reduce, reuse, recycle help sustain our environment. Rainforest had some prior knowledge about the topic. Reuse paper, don’t throw. Throw trash in the garbage truck. Recycle PET bottles. Mottainai Box – you put your bicycle there to recycle. The class made a mind map of What I KNOW. Key terms in the central idea were further explained to give the students a general overview. We watched a short video about taking care of the only one earth that we have. The class was read a book “Caring For Earth’ and another book about Earth as a planet in the solar system. Our blue planet is not too near to the Sun nor too far from it, just right! We in the sweet spot for life to thrive.

After a brief introduction, Rainforest had many wonderings and questions about the earth, and taking care of the earth. Can we live in other planets? How is earth made? We wrote down more questions in our Wonder Wall – What I WANT to know. How do we reuse things? Why do we need to burn trash? How do we plant trees? How do we save electricity? How do we make new things when we recycle? Great questions, Rainforest! Keep them coming in our upcoming inquiries.

We had a fire drill in school. Even though it was chilly outside, ISN students braved the wintry cold and evacuated. Rainforest reviewed O-HA-SHI-MO-TE.

Osanai 押さない Do not push

Hashiranai 走らない Do not run

Shaberanai しゃべらないで Do not speak

Modoranai 戻らない Do not return
No winter can stop our fun too. We played soccer in the schoolyard, rolled tyres and ‘skated’! Till next week, have a fabulous weekend!