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Rainforest CONGRATULATIONS! March 18-22

Dearest Rainforest, you have graduated from ISN Preschool! What are your thoughts and feelings? I feel sad because I will miss English when I go to Japanese school. Thank you for teaching us. We love you so much. I feel nervous about elementary school. I am sad because I love preschool. I feel happy, good because I want to go to Gojo Elementary School. I feel a little sad because I will miss my friends.

The school had a wonderful party for Rainforest in the gym. We had games, dance, gifts and great fun! Thank you ISN!

Our juniors Savanna students came to visit their classroom for the following school year. Rainforest shared tips on being Rainforest students. You will learn numbers 1 to 100. You must hold the railing when you walk up the staircase to the classroom. You will read RAZ books level A to C. Have fun in Rainforest!

A big shout out to our March birthday boy! Happy 6th Birthday!

Dear Parents and Grandparents, thank you for your support and love the past school year. We know that our smart and loving Rainforest students with their positive learning attitudes will be excellent in their future endeavours. Take care, farewell and adieu!