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All about me!: Rainforest 4/1 – 4/5

Welcome to Rainforest class 2024-2025!

This week was all about getting used to the new environment, new teachers, and new routines.

To prepare for the start of our learning journey, our New Rainforest inquirers have helped each other to design their learning space. They picked their basket with the color of their choice, and decorated it with their names.

Also, we had a discussion where everyone decided what kind of classroom they want to have this year; As we reflected how their class last year was, they made an essential agreement which will guide them what is okay to do in the classroom and not okay to do.

New teachers have joined the class this year, and the students have been working on making a raport and build a good relationship with the teachers. So far, so good: They love talking to them, and playing with them. We can’t wait to make more memories with them.

Next week will be start of our Journey as Rainforest, We hope to discover new things, learn more and have fun!

Have a wonderful weekend!