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“Guess what?” by Savanna | 7/10-7/14

Our inquiry about living creatures is getting deeper; We are very drawn and interested in these minibeasts and we would like to learn more about them and be more exposed to their world.

This week, we had collaborative activities with our co-inquirers in Elementary to learn more about insects. The grade 3 and 4 students shared with us the information they gathered during their inquiry and research about different kinds of insects. Our class was all ears in their presentation and could not contain our excitement as we watch their slideshows and posters. We got more excited when one of the groups asked us the question: Guess what insects are we going to present, our active inquirers actively joined the interaction and shared their answers. We learned so much about butterflies, ladybugs, stink bugs, and more. We hope to use this information with our own inquiry.

After the presentation, our next collaborators were the grade 2 students. We headed to the field with them and looked for different bugs we could find in the place. Each group had a net and a container, We had so much fun catching different bugs with our seniors; they guided us, protected us, and shared with us their skills in hunting, and because we collaborated well, We were so lucky to be able to bring home: grasshoppers, frogs, crickets, dragonflies, and many more. We can’t wait to observe them and release them back and let them enjoy their life.

Our Phonics lessons are getting more exciting: Our students love writing. We are currently practicing writing the letters that fall under the Divers Series, these letters start by making a diving line down such as p,h,b,r,n, and m. Not only we are practicing how to write letters, but we are also trying to get them to be acquainted with recognizing the baseline and being able to write on them. So far, so good, all of them love writing and are always having fun during the lesson.

We are finally moving on to the next vowel letter after learning about the short /a/ word family. We will be reading words that have short /e/ this time. We are all excited to discover more words and increased our English vocabulary!

Have a wonderful weekend and may we continue to encourage our little inquirers to ask more questions to learn more!