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Savanna & Our Class Role, Responsibilities: April 22-26

Firstly, a big shout out to one of our Savanna students… Happy 5th Birthday! We celebrated April’s birthday boys and girls with a little magic show. The whole school sang Happy Birthday to them too! In class, Savanna had a ‘birthday cake’ for our birthday girl!

This week, a few students shared their soft toys and books for Show and Tell (with some help from the teacher ;). Each student started the session with “Good morning, class. Today I have a…. I like this because…” Then questions and comments from the audience – The otter is cute. Who got it for you? I like trains too. Each Show and Tell closes with “Thank for listening. Thank you for sharing.” We had soft toys like a sea otter, a Camera man character, pink bear keychains and a book about How Trains Work.

To visualise our thoughts about What I Want to Do as a student in Savanna, we presented them in a bubble map. We drew what each idea meant and review it together. We are also working on our very own class book, inspired by books that we have been reading – Going to School, Our Class, My Week and David Goes to School by David Shannon”. After reading each book, we discussed how it is the same and different from what we do in Savanna. Someone asked, “Only snacks, no lunch in school?” Another commented about school uniforms, “they are wearing red sweaters. We have ISN sweater too!”

Savanna has been showing how responsible they are as part of Team Savanna! They clean up after play and help one another keep the class neat and tidy. We work, play, clean up and dance together too. Savanna had fun doing the Square Dance. Grab a partner and let’s Do Si Do! Please see the Youtube video below. Till next week, take care and have a great long weekend!