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Excited to our first experiences Lagoon September 7th-10th

Hello everyone,

The wind is getting cool, we can feel that Autumn comes. We started our week walking outside the campus in the morning. We used the rope to hold for the children’s safety. They hold it tightly while singing one of the kid’s favorite song “Old Mc Donald” had a farm E- I-E-I-O ! We enjoyed seeing lots of things that caught our attention. “It’s a flower”, a cat!, cars, a truck! We were learning while walking.

みなさんこんにちは。風も少しずつ冷たくなり、秋の到来を感じるようになりました。ラグーンクラスでは今週からお散歩をはじめました。お散歩ロープをしっかりと握り、みんなのお気に入りの歌’Old MacDonald had a farm’を口ずさみながら歩きました。お花やネコ、車、トラックなどたくさんのものをみつけました。

Learning the alphabet using puzzle

Engaging into simple activities enhance the children’s mind to learn things. This week we started learning alphabets A-E. The children find the letter to fit the puzzle.We also learned about shapes. They enjoyed fitting in the right shape into the box. They were overwhelmed matching in the puzzle.


Let’s go swimming by school bus.

Our little ones were so excited for their first swimming lesson. They could’t wait to get on the bus for the first time. We enjoyed the warm water in the pool and also riding on the bus.


A day before the Sports festival. We practiced the race and the dance and we’re ready for tomorrow. Go! Go! Go! Lagoon!

Thank you for reading our blog.

Enjoy your weekend.