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We Make Our Own Book-Shooting Star-November 28-December 2

Hello Everyone,

Wishing you a magical, magnificent, and merry month of December!
Shooting Star class is getting busier everyday as our Christmas Show is fast-approaching. Although, we are occupied with our schedules, we still make time to relax and enjoy. This week, we had the privilege to watch a Puppet Show at Minami campus. The Milky Way classroom was totally transformed into a puppet theater. The puppeteers made us laugh and engage in the show. Shooting Class even remembered some of the lines uttered by the puppeteers and was able to retell the story.

For our UOI, we challenged ourselves in making our own book. We decided the title, character and its learner profile, setting, and the plot by ourselves. Our books will be displayed on the Christmas Show at the lobby of Matsumoto Performing Arts Center. We are looking forward on that big event of the year with our books, puppets, and Kamishibai on display.


This gorgeous fall leaf wreath is a perfect fall craft. We used the leaves we collected at Nambu Park and Ms. Miyu brought some too. We cut out the middle of the paper plate, painted it with our preferred color, and stuck the autumn leaves on it using double-sided tape. Then, we punched a hole at the top of our wreath to tie a ribbon. These wreaths turned out so cute as we displayed them on the wall in the hallway.

This week we got the chance walking to Nambu Park with Milky Way. We had so much fun playing tag and we also played at the play structure. We didn’t only enjoy playing, but this activity has given us tremendous opportunity to improve our social skills.