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The Graduation Craft. – Milky Way 3/6 – 3/10

It is done!


Symbol and meaning: Fruits: Healthy Choices, Hands: Teamwork, Flags: Different Culture, Earth: 3Rs saving the earth

We are very pleased to announce that our graduation craft, which we will leave on our campus as a remembrance is finally done! We can’t thank everybody enough, our parents, teachers, and friends for contributing to the success of this project!


We all worked hand in hand to come up with this masterpiece. We all hope that the incoming Milky Way students and the rest of the ISNers would be inspired and motivated to give their best and excel in whatever they do. We hope that when they see our craft, they would be reminded of us and our contribution to the history of the school. As for us, this will be a reminder of the milestone we have achieved with the help of our teachers, friends and parents, and other members of the ISN community.


We are excited to see this when we are older and remember the best and great memories we have made during our stay at ISN!


The graduation ceremony is around the corner, and we are all giving our best to practice and make this special day a perfect one for the people who have helped us achieve this goal, our loving parents! We dedicate this event to them.


This week was rather special because we were visited by some visitors who spent time with us, 3 teachers from GOJO Elementary school: Mr. Dan, Mr. Thapelo, and Mr. Art, and a Police officer! The time spent with them was another memory we will keep in our hearts and mind.


One more week and it’s time to say goodbye, but this goodbye does not mean the end, but the start of a new beginning, a beginning that will mold us into better people and individuals in the future.


Tag along until the end!


Have a wonderful weekend ahead.