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Family Bonding – Savanna 5/8 – 5/12

After the 5 days holiday, we returned to school fresh and renewed!

Due to a system error, we have not been able to upload photos this week. Sorry for the text only, but we hope you enjoy this week’s blog.

The long weekend was a good chance for us to spend quality time with our loved ones and have some family bonding. To highlight the moment, we all talked about how we spent our Golden Week holiday with our family. Some of us shared the places we went to and the activities we had; All of us gave our best to recall and tell our story through drawing.

We have finally started looking into Word Families. We started with the /at/ family: mat, sat, cat, etc. We sang songs, looked at pictures and matched, and played games to get familiar with these words. We enjoyed sounding out letters and putting them together and figuring out the word that was on the card. We are all excited to read more words in the coming days.

Also, this week, before we continue writing letters, we took the time to practice how to write our names. It was so fun playing with the Alphabet and getting more familiar with them: We named each letter, sounded, wrote, and used them!

Before we finally move on to our second line of inquiry, we finished our first project which is the family book. We shared the content with our classmates proudly and confidently! After the whole presentation, we saw that the families in the classroom are all different, some of the families are small, some are big and that is okay because we know that every family is unique or special!

During our walk to the park, we collected plants, flowers, and something beautiful we found on the ground and took them back to school for our Family Day craft! It’s nice to be able to show how much we love our family through simple gifts.

It was great to back to school! More fun and more learning! Next week, we are excited about our bus trip! For now, we will have a good weekend and enjoy bonding with our family!

Till the next blog!