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We look cool in our hats- Canyon(August 7-10)

Hello everyone,

We spent our week busy making our craft for the incoming Sports Festival. We decided to make the Spanish hat called “Sombrero”. Kids painted the paper plate with the colors they like and let them dry then stuck on the pom poms and the shiny paper to make them more beautiful and attractive. We are excited to decorate them in the gym and show them to parents

スポーツフェスティバルに飾るクラフトを作りました。テーマは、「Travel around the world/Contry」という事で、スペインの帽子の「ソンブレロ」を作りました。子どもたちは紙皿に好きな色を塗り、乾かしてから、一人10個!とポンポンを数えながら付けたり、キラキラの紙でステキにデコレーションしました。装飾した後も子ども達が遊べるように、被れるサイズにしました。すてきな帽子の出来上がりです。

Alphabet Oo and Pp

O-o-Octopus, Onion; P-p-Panda, Penguin! This week, we learned the alphabet Oo and Pp and the word that starts with it. Our youngers were able to pronounce well and distinguish the letters. We did the activity “Make your ice cream”. Kids picked up the cone with the upper case letter and chose the ice cream with its lower case. Well done, Canyon!


Welcome to the class, new friend!

This week, we welcomed a 4-year-old friend who joined the class. He got along well with friends and can communicate well with everyone. He never hesitates asking things he doesn’t know and how to say them in English. Let’s enjoy school life, learn, play and grow together!


Feeling alive and kicking and start our day with th Sports Festival dance exercise.


Look! Our corn and sunflower in the yard are bearing flowers!


Enjoy the summer holiday! Please keep safe and make the most of your days! See you in a week!