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What’s your feeling today?- Canyon(October 23-27)

Hello everyone,

We enjoy learning about our feelings. We made a “Feeling Check” on the wall and in the morning when the children enter the classroom, they check their feelings by putting the stick with their names on, on the cute plastic container on the wall. During the circle time, We asked them to share their feelings. We asked, “What’s your feeling today?” and they answered… “I’m happy because… my friends are here!; my teachers are here!;” I’m sad because… I miss my mom!” I’m scared because… There’s a ghost in my house!” We’re glad to hear them saying and expressing the English phrases they know. Good job, Canyon! We are very happy and proud of you!!

自分の感情について楽しく学んでいます。朝、子どもたちが教室に入ると、壁に貼ってある表現のイラストが付いたプラスチックの容器に、自分の名前を書いたスティックを入れて、自分の気持ちをチェックします。サークルタイムでは、子どもたちに、なぜこの気持ちなのかを話してもらっています。「嬉しい!だって、友達/先生がいるから!」「悲しい。ママに会いたいから。」「怖い。 家にお化けが出たから。」知っている英語のフレーズを口にしたり、表現したりして発表しています。みんなの気持ちが聞けるのは嬉しいものです。 Good job, Canyon! We are very happy and proud of you!!

Our Autumn Trees

We did the painting activity in the concrete area in the yard. We painted the students’ palms with brown color for the tree. Then they choose the colors they like to paint for the autumn leaves. We made the door entrance decorating them with their beautiful Autumn tree. We did one morning handpainting for the ISN logo which is the Blu color for the ISN’s Letter I.


Recently our youngsters have enjoyed playing the “Mr. Wolf, what time is it?” It’s a good memory exercise saying the long phrase, as well as counting numbers and mostly using their energy by chasing each other.

最近、Canyonクラスでは “Mr.Wolf”という遊びを楽しんでいます。Pig「Mr. Wolf, Mr. Wolf, what time is it?」Wolf「It’s 5 o’clock.」Pigが5歩Wolf(鬼)に近づく、Wolf「It’s dinner time!!」と言うと、WolfがPigを追いかけます。フレーズを言ったり、数字を数えたり、追いかけっこをしてたくさんエネルギーを使い盛り上がるゲームです。ぜひお家でも遊んでみてください。

We read a book, “The Giant Turnip” and we asked the students what more characters we could add to the story. They chose which character they wanted to play and we made a mask for each character. They felt delighted when we practiced the play and tried to say their lines. They are very interested in the story and we are excited about the outcome.

“The Giant Turnip “の絵本を読み、おおきなカブごっこをしてみよう!と盛り上がり、役を選んだり、登場人物を増やしてみたりして楽しみました。子ども達は、自分が演じたいキャラクターを選び、それぞれのキャラクターのお面をつけて、お決まりの言葉「うんとこしょ。どっこいしょ。をどうやって英語で言おうか?」と一緒に考えながらお話をすすめました。みんなで、連なって大きなカブを抜くところが楽しかったようです。

Thank you for this week. Keep warm and enjoy your weekend.