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CANYON’S BUS TRIP- May 20th-24th

Hi everyone!

This week is a very special one because our youngsters had their very first bus trip! Everybody had a wonderful time playing, listening to the birds singing, and sightseeing at the park. We also had a fun picnic under the trees. It was a great time, indeed, to spend time with their friends!

To all the parents, thank you for preparing and making very cute and delicious obento boxes for these little ones! Their sweet smiles say it all. Your time and effort are greatly appreciated!

Before our bus trip, our young ones practiced for the first time how to walk in pairs. We talked about the rules when we walk outside the campus, such as the following:

– hold your friend’s hand

– walk nicely and in a straight line

– no big gaps

– when you hear the whistle, it means you need to stop

– when we cross the road, you need to put your hands up

Everybody did a great job following our rules. Well done, Canyon!

As we talked about our favorite food in our UOI lesson, our youngsters planted tomato seedlings in the schoolyard. Everyone was so happy and excited to do it, and they are very determined to see it grow. First, they mixed the soil and made two big holes in the center of the pot, then put the tomato seedlings and watered them. Our little ones are looking forward to harvesting and eating yummy tomatoes!