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Aurora August 5-9

This week we begin our new Unit of Inquiry (UOI) on the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle under the theme “How We Organise Ourselves”. The concept of taking care of our earth starts with ME! Instead of throwing away the food trays, we made sailboats. We are re-using resources. The students drew on the sail (from plastic bags) with markers and taped down the mast (from drink straws) onto the tray. Voila! Sailboats!
今週からIBテーマ『私たちは自分たちをどの様に組織するか』の中の新しいUOI(探究の単位)「3Rs – Reduce(リデュース)Reuse(リユーズ)Recycle(リサイクル)」が始まりました。地球を大切にすることは私たち一人一人から始まります!プラスチックトレイを捨てる代わりにそれを使ってボートを作りました。ボートはゴミ袋を切り取って作った帆に絵を描き、ストローのマストに貼り付けるなどボートの他の材料もあるものから作りました!

We then tested our homemade sailboats. Will it float or sink? What happens when we blow at the sail? Aurora had fun exploring the science of sink and float too!

We read a book and discussed how we can do our little part to help our earth, our home we live in. We looked at “Reduce” – using less resources like water, paper and electricity. For example, in school, we turn off the tap when we are soaping our hands. Aurora was shown a short video on saving water.

Another two students had their Show and Tell about how they helped clean up at home. Well done!

It’s the Obon holidays next week. Have a wonderful time of family fun!