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Grade 4, 5 and 6: Water

Hello everyone! This week, Grade 4, 5 and 6 students continued their explorations of environmental consciousness and sustainability. This week we discussed the topic of water, wasting water in our everyday lives and possible solutions to worldwide water scarcity. 🌊


“What is going to happen if the world runs out of usable water?” and “What are some innovative ways we can get drinkable water out of wastewater or sea water?” are some of the questions that were posed as we looked at examples of situations from Namibia, California and India. 🌎


In Health lesson, the students discussed making informed decisions through assessing possible positive and negative risks, in English, they talked about the structure of a typical newspaper article, while in Math, they measured distances and calculated areas, including their homes. This week also included another cooking lesson, swimming lesson, gym time and music lesson. All in all, a fun week was had. 😄

ヘルスの授業は、起こりえる正負のリスクの推定に基づき、十分な情報を得た上で判断を下すことについて話し合いをしました。英語の授業は、典型的な新聞のレイアウトについて話しをしました。算数の授業では、自分達の家など、長さを測り面積を求める計算をしました。さらに今週は、月一回行われるクッキングレッスンもありました! また、スイミングや体育、音楽の授業も行いました。全体を通して、とても楽しい一週間になりました。😄