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G3&4 – Risk-takers (May 25 – 29)

The students revealed their final models of body systems and there were lots of creative solutions. All of them were risk-takers by presenting their work from the front while the other students assessed them. A lot of the students were noticeably nervous but the more they present hopefully their confidence will improve. Afterwards we reflected on our learning journey through Unit 1.
今週、生徒たちはクラスメートに体の臓器の模型を発表しました。創造性に富んだ作品の数々を見ることができました。クラスメートの前に立って自分で作った作品を発表し、お友達が発表を評価しました。このプレゼンを通して、みんなが挑戦する人(Risk taker)になりました。多くの子どもたちが緊張していましたが、このような発表の機会を重ねることでさらに自信を持つことができるでしょう。その後、今年度最初の単元の活動の振り返りを行いました。

Before starting the next Unit we did an Inquiry into bullying. We researched what bullying is and what we can do to respond to it. The students created posters to show their individual response and these will be displayed in our classroom to help us tackle this challenging behaviour.