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Grade 5, 6 and 7: Digging up history

Thank you for reading our blog every week! The weather is as unusual as ever, but that Grade 5, 6 and 7 students don’t let that bother them.

The students started inquiring into the third Line of inquiry of the current Unit, “What drives explorations”. They discussed different occupations in which people can show themselves as explorers and also how each and every one of them can be an explorer in every activity they do. After talking about paleontologists, the students visited the Shiga fossil museum, where they were told about the amazing discoveries the museum staff has made, and also about the motivation, goals, equipment and challenges of the paleontologist’s job. Thank you for hosting us. 🧡

On Thursday, the students paid another visit to their little patch of land in Azumino. Now it was time to weed the rice and sweet potatoes. The students had fun learning of different ways and using tools for weeding and look forward to the next visit, in October, when they will get to pick their rice and sweet potatoes. They also enjoyed spending a little bit of time in a nearby park, after months of being unable to leave the school grounds. ⛲

In Science, they continued learning about forces, in social studies, they discussed social media, in Health, they tried to create a healthy daily menu with just enough servings of every food, and in Art lesson, they wrote their wishes, designed their wish cards and put them up on the school’s Tanabata bamboo tree.
Next week, the students will start preparing for the summative assessment of the current Unit and also present the hard work they did during their dance and PE lessons on Friday’s Sports Day! Hope to see everyone there! 🍀