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“The Things We Like” Aurora- May 10-14


It’s another week filled with fun learning activities in Aurora.今週も、オーロラクラスにとって、ワクワクに満ちた学びがいっぱいの1週間となりました。

✅Unit Of Inquiry

We have been talking our second Line of Inquiry which is, The things I like may be different from my friends. True enough because in Aurora class, we have different choices of foods, colors, and shapes. Various photos of foods were dispersed on the table and we picked up our favorite food and showed it to our friends, saying the phrase, I like curry and rice, I like ice cream, etc.

2番目のLOIとなります、”The things I like may be different from my friends”(自分が好きなものは友達とは違う)に移行した週になりました。このLOIは納得のいく事柄で、オーロラクラスの皆は、それぞれが違う食べ物が好きだったり、違う色が好みだったり、形もそれぞれの好みがあるということに気が付きました。テーブルの上に、色々な種類の食べ物フラッシュカードを置き、一人ひとりが1番好きなものを選択し発表してくれました。

Then, we colored the crayon picture with the color we like and compared who has the same and different colors in class. Having a favorite color makes them unique.


✅ Phonics and Letter tracing

This week, we learned the Phonics C /c/ for cow 🐄, car 🚗, candle 🕯, cat 🐈, and caterpillar. We also practiced writing letter D. These activities provide numerous opportunities to develop Aurora’s emergent literacy capacities including fine motor skills, concepts of print, phonics, and vocabulary.

今週のライティングとフォニックスはC/cを学び、cow 🐄, car 🚗, candle 🕯, cat 🐈, caterpillarの5つの単語を習いました。オーロラクラスの子ども達が読み書きの能力を獲得する以前の時期の読み書き活動 (emergent literacy) は、指先の訓練に繋がり、また単語数を増やしたりする事に大切な活動になります。


We love numbers. We continued learning the rote counting from 1-30 with the song, “Numbers 1-30”. Then we learned counting 1-5 with objects as well as the number line sequence. We have seen how we become better in recognizing numbers and how our good mental number sense has improved.


✅ Craft

Although Mother’s Day was over, but we still made a Tulip flower to show our appreciation and love to our mothers. We love you mommies.


And we had so much fun in the park.


Have a great weekend everyone.良い週末をお過ごしください。