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Actions have consequences (June 3rd-7th)

Hello everyone!
All adults know that actions have consequences and hence they think twice before doing or saying something with the hope of avoiding adverse consequences. What about children? Particularly 3-4 year olds? Not all of them know that what they say and do have an impact on their direct social environment. As part of our CENTRAL IDEA- “myself and others in school,” with a focus on building and maintaining relationships with those around oneself,we were conscious about making the students realize that ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

What happens when you speak harshly to your classmates? They cry/ they become sad. They might even begin distancing themselves from you and you end up without anyone to play with.That was the basic line of thought. If we apply the golden rule to our daily interactions, “do unto others as you would want them to do unto you”, we will stay on the right path.

大人なら誰でも、行動には結果が伴うことを知っています。だからこそ、不利な結果を避けるために、何かをしたり言ったりする前によく考えるのです。子どもはどうでしょう?特に3~4歳の子供たちはどうでしょう?自分の言動が直接的な社会環境に影響を与えることを、子どもたち全員が知っているわけではありません。CENTRAL IDEA-「学校における自分と他者」の一環として、周囲の人々との関係を築き、維持することに重点を置きながら、Auroraさんたちには「行動には結果が伴う」ということを気づかせることを意識しました。


The letter C

For this week’s phonics lesson we studied the letter C. Cat, cap, car, cup, cow, comb, crown and camel are some of the words we added to our vocabulary bank.


Gym at school

Milky way class had a rice planting field trip so the bus wasn’t available on Wednesday. Instead of going to a gymnasium as is the norm, Ms.Airi came to campus . She gave the lesson in the music room .Although there wasn’t much space ,we did many fun moves and enjoyed ourselves very much.


Cleaning up after lunch

What is the first thing an Aurora student has to do when they finish eating their lunch?Below are all the responses I got and I was impressed because they were all correct:

1.Take your plates to the container in the hallway.

2.Return your water bottle to the white basket in the classroom.

3.Wipe your mouth clean with a small, wet towel.

4.Place your chopsticks and small towel in the middle of your apron.Fold the apron and secure it with the elastic band.

We have a KNOWLEDGEABLE bunch of K1s over here at Minami campus! Although their answers were all correct, not everyone follows all the steps listed above. Hence we will spend the whole year practising to clean up properly after lunch.







Revision, revision ,revision!

We learnt about washing hands last week. To assess If the students understood the concept well, we did a “how to wash your hands” sequencing activity.


We begin brushing teeth on Monday the 10th so please don’t forget to pack toothbrushes for your little ones.Have a superb weekend . See you next week.


Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week.