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Canyon and Aurora (July 4-8)

What a best way to start the week with a warm summer day which allowed us to play in the outdoor pool! The kids were so excited to put their swimsuits on and play in the water.
We continued to go along our unit, Sharing the Planet, which includes sub-themes like farm and sea animals, insects and shapes. In the last couple of weeks, we focused on farm animals and insects and came up with good assessment results. We used worksheets as our assessment tools in order to gauge the kids` understanding of the said topics. They were able to match the pictures of farm animals and products, as well as the insects and their habitat.
This week, we moved on to another sub-theme. We mainly focused on shapes and had lesson reviews for mastery. The kids were able to successfully identify different shapes. They could also find, name and compare a few things inside and outside the classroom which they think are circle or triangle in shape. We introduced and used new songs in order to help them understand and remember shapes easily.
We have also been doing sight words for language and vocabulary building. Now, the kids can ask questions in complete sentences like, “Can you help me, please?” or “Can I have a _____, please.” They can also say, “Here you are.” when handing something to their classmates and answer back with a “Thank you.”. Some of them can already recognize and read a few sight words posted on the whiteboard.
In maths, we still continue to practice counting and simple addition. Some of the kids are able to use their fingers when counting and adding up numbers. Next week’s focus is going to be sea animals.
Have a lovely weekend! DSCN0140 DSCN0141 DSCN0142 DSCN0144 DSCN0145 DSCN0147