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Children’s Day(MEADOW−April 26th−28th)

こどもの日(Meadowクラス 4月26日から28日より)

Hello everyone,


Cold wind blows and the temperature drops down. Most of our kids have runny nose but full of energy.


In honor of the Children’s Day, we made our own “Koinobori” or the “carp streamer.” We prepared plastic bags and distributed colored papers to the children. They enjoyed tearing them while saying the different colors of paper they have then put them in the plastic bag. After that, they put the scales and eyes on both sides and hung them on the stick made of rolled paper. “It’s done! They were amazed of their work. Using their hands and fingers to grasp and manipulate objects, help develop their fine motor skills.

こどもの日を祝って、「鯉のぼり」クラフトをしました。ビニール袋を用意し子供達に色の付いた柔らかい紙を渡しました。 子供達は異なった色の紙を英語で言いながら、楽しんでそれをちぎりビニール袋に入れました。その後、鱗と目を鯉のぼり本体両側に貼って丸めて棒状にした紙を取り付けました。「完成!」 作品を見て感心しました。作品を作るのに手や指先を使うことは手先の運動機能の発達に役立ちます。

We are motivated to participate


As we do the same things everyday, our little learners enjoyed singing the songs and understood what’s being asked. Our morning circle became lively and we really appreciated our youngster’s participation. We encouraged them to raise their hands and come in front to answer questions. They were motivated when they are praised, they develop their self confidence. Well done, Meadow😊


Have a glance at how they are concentrating well and participated actively on the lesson. They sat nicely and listened carefully.




We celebrated the April birthday of one of the students. Everybody sang happy birthday and greeted her “Happy birthday” . We wish you good health and more smiles everyday😊

みんなで4月生まれのお友達のお祝いをしました。みんなで Happy birthdayの歌を歌って”Happy birthday”と言ってお祝いしました。毎日元気で笑顔いっぱいで過ごせますように。

Thank you for reading our blog, Enjoy your Golden week holiday and we are looking forward to seeing your smiles when we’re back. Keep safe.

ブログをお読みいただきありがとうございます。ゴールデンウイークを楽しんで下さい。みんなが戻ってきて会えるのを楽しみにしています。        お気をつけてお過ごしください。