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We had a blast with mom and dad in the gym (Meadow Jul. 4-8)

Hello everyone,

This week’s gym day was special for our little ones and us. Yes, their moms and dad were with us for the first time because it’s “Gym open day!” It was an indescribable feeling and endless smiles. Stretching was more fun, doing it together while sitting on their parent’s lap and climbing on their back. It was a precious moment sweating together and building a stronger relationship with their parents. When the parting time came, kids couldn’t help themselves but cry being separated from their moms and dad. They calm down when we were back to school, hungry and tired, and had a good sleep after lunch. To dear parents, thank you for allotting your time spending the precious moment with the kids.

今週のジムレッスンは、子ども達にとっても私たちにとっても特別な日でした!そう、お母さんとお父さんと初めて一緒にレッスンを楽しめたのです!何とも言えない気持ちで、みんな笑顔が絶えませんでした♡ いつものストレッチも、お母さんお父さんの膝の上に座ったり背中に乗ったりしながら一緒にやるとより一層楽しいね♪ 一緒に汗を流し、親との絆を深める貴重な時間になりました。別れ際は、パパやママと離れるのが悲しくて寂しくて、思わず泣いてしまう子どもたち…。園へ戻ると徐々に落ち着き、お腹も空いたし、疲れもあって、お昼寝はぐっすり眠れました。保護者の皆さん、お忙しい中お子さんとの貴重な時間を割いてくれてありがとうございました!

Have a splash in the kiddie pool

After rainy days in a row, at last! our little ones were able to get in the pool with their cute and lovely swimwear. Getting in the school’s kiddie pool for the first time, some of them were nervous and some said “It’s cold!” but the fun began after a while. As the heat index rises up, kids keep cool by splashing with water and enjoying pouring water on their bodies. They also had a blast using sprinklers and water guns to get them and their friends soaked.

しばらく雨の日が続いていましたが、ついに!キュートでかわいい水着を来て待望のプールに入ることができました♪ 初めて園の子供用プールに入り、「つめたい〜!」と緊張している子もいましたが、しばらくすると楽しい時間が始まりました。暑さ指数が上がってくると、子どもたちは水しぶきをあげたり、体に水をかけて楽しみながら涼をとります。ジョウロや水鉄砲を使って、自分も友達もびしょ濡れになって大はしゃぎでした♡ お家の方には毎日のプールのご準備ありがとうございます^^

Star Festival

Rainy days were an advantage for us. We were able to make our doll for the “Star Festival”. Our little ones enjoyed holding the brush and painted the paper plate with black color. They practiced their hand muscles and also improved their eye coordination. Then they had the colored soft paper dipped into pink color for the girl’s clothes and blue color for the boy’s clothes ang hung them to dry. After that, stuck on the parts of the face. They felt accomplished when saw their clothed dolls. Job well-done Meadow!

Music class

We were amazed to see our little ones participating actively in their music class. They weren’t hesitant to follow the gesture as the teacher did. We are very proud of you!

Free play

Our youngers enjoyed threading during our free play. It was quite hard to insert the rope between the holes of the plastic bear toys but they concentrated well until they made it. That helped the kids develop their fine motor skills and develop their eye-hand coordination and concentration skills. They also had fun kicking and stretching their bodies catching the balloons thrown up high by the teacher.

What’s This?…. It’s a…..

This month, our lesson is about “Fruits”. Fruits are very easy to learn. Our youngsters were able to say the name of the fruits they have eaten. We also practice the Phrase ” What’s this?” and ask students to repeat “It’s a/an… apple, orange, strawberry, peach… and more fruits. They participated actively, raised their hands, and were proud to answer in front of their friends.

It was a hot but fun week for all. Have a nice weekend and see you next week.