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Meadow students learn about the gorgeous Carp Streamers of Japan! April 24th~28th

A warm hello to all of our dear readers. Welcome to Meadow’s last blog of the month of April. As usual, we are excited to share with you and let you in on our experiences.


Carp streamer- “Koinobori.”

May 5th will be chidren’s day in Japan. School will be closed as it will be a public holiday so for this week’s craft activity Meadow class made Carp Streamers!! The teacher presented each student with a blue colored craft paper and a pink colored one.Their task was to rip the craft paper into small pieces and then stuff it into a clear plastic bag. This task wasn’t for the faint hearted as it required using the fingertips to rip the paper. The task made us realise that Meadow students have excellent fine motor skills.


One myth about the Koi fish is that it originates from Japan .This assumption is based on them being Japan’s national fish.The fun fact though is that they were brought here from China in the 1st century A.D as a source of food.The Koi fish are a symbol of strength, courage, patience and success through peserverance. According to the Japanese culture, hanging them at home helps to drive away bad spirits and bring around good fortune. We hope that participating in this traditional craft activity channelled in good vibes and good luck into our little ones’ lives. We particularly hope that thay continue to be happy and content attending ISN and always be excited about what awaits them at school.This week’s craft activity wasn’t only fun to do but it left us more knowledgable about Japanese culture. It goes without saying that we got a chance to review our monthly topic- colors.Killing two birds with one stone is how they describe a situation like this, but it wouldn’t be wrong to say we killed three birds with one stone!That is , we learnt about Japanese culture, learnt about colors and most importantly had fun while we were at it!



As you might already know by now, Wednesday mornings are for gym class! We went to Shonai gymnasium this week. There’s a huge park near the gymnasium and the students always make it a point to point and say “Look, park!” some of them even go as further as to remark “I once came here to play with my mommy/ daddy before .” It is said that recounting past events, particularly those spent with those near and dear to them , is good for their brain development. During gym class we did a lot of running and physical exercises. We burned lots of calories which could be the reason that everyone ate their lunch very well today with a few asking for more!


Afternoon circle time

We always sing “twinkle twinkle little star” and “colors song” during our afternoon circle session. You might have noticed by now but Meadow students are very fond of these two songs and when they sing the former they do the hand gestures to a tee and when they sing the latter they shout out the colors really loudly! As their homeroom teachers we are very pleased that they have already learnt so much in a short space of time. Our hope is that they continue to learn more and more and we will do our utmost best to give them the best learning experiences ever!


Birthday party

On Thursday morning we had a birthday party for all Minami Matsumoto campus students born in April. This apparently had been put to a halt due to the COVID pandemic but it resumed this month! Meadow doesn’t have anyone born in April yet but they enjoyed participating in the event and celebrating with their schoolmates. All the birthday girls and boys were gifted with cute birthday cards made by their homeroom teachers. It was a wonderful event.


Soon after the birthday party we headed to the park. The weather was perfect! Not too hot and not too cold. There are lots of insects coming out to play now that the it’s getting warmer. We saw lots of ants and pill bugs.



The famous Russian writer Leo Tolstoy definitely knew what he talking about when he said, “music is the shorthand of emotion.” This basically means that emotions are difficult to express through words but they can be easily expressed through music. I have noticed this first hand with Meadow class. Not only during Friday’s music class but even when we sing songs during English core time. Without even realizing it, the students start smiling and making really cute facial expressions.

ロシアの有名な作家、レフ・トルストイは、”音楽は感情の略語である “と言いました。これは基本的に、感情は言葉で表現するのは難しいが、音楽では簡単に表現できるという意味です。私はこのことをMeadowクラスで直接実感しています。金曜日の音楽の授業だけでなく、英語のコアタイムで歌を歌うときでさえもです。自分でも気づかないうちに、Meadowさんたちは笑顔になって、とてもかわいい表情をするんです。

Thank you for reading until the end dear readers! Until next week, it’s goodbye from Meadow. Have a nice weekend and a refreshing Golden week!