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Meadow:Fascinating insects(July 24th~28th)

Hello everyone ! Welcome to Meadow’s last blog of the month of July. Learning about insects has been a very fun ride for us. We concluded the July topic by revising all the insect names we were taught about so far, including 3 new ones that were introduced this week. The following is the list of insects names we learnt this month. Butterlfly, bee, ladybug, dragonfly, firefly, caterpillar, june bug, mosquito, wasp, fly , grasshopper , ant and spider!

皆さん、こんにちは!Meadowクラスの7月最後のブログへようこそ。昆虫について学ぶことは、私たちにとってとても楽しい道のりでした。7月のトピックの最後には、今週新しく登場した3つの名前を含め、これまでに習った昆虫の名前をすべて復習しました。今月学んだ昆虫の名前は以下の通り。  チョウチョ、ハチ、テントウムシ、トンボ、ホタル、イモムシ、コガネムシ、蚊、スズメバチ、ハエ、バッタ、アリ、クモです!

Recognising insects in out-of-classroom settings
Summer is the breeding peak of flies. In extremely hot weather a fly’s eggs can mature from larvae to an adult in as little as 4 days! So I’m sure it won’t surprise you that we have seen our fair share of flies this month. When we spend time outside the classroom and someone notices an insect they shout out the English word. For instance, while we were keeping it cool in our pool the other day, someone spotted a fly roaming around the play structure and yelled,”fly!” It wasn’t rehearsed or forced. The word came to them naturally!It is truly remarkable how the students strive to communicate in English whenever they are at school. We sure do hope they throw in a few words and phrases here and there when they converse with their family at home.


Pool play

This is impractical but, If it were possible to live in the swimming pool, to call it our home, all Meadow students would love that! The scorching hot weather makes pool play such a welcome relief from the heat. It cools everyone down and leaves them feeling relaxed and refreshed.


We like to move it

It goes without saying that toddlers like to toddle. They naturally enjoy physical activity . This is why gym class is one of their favorite weekly activities because it gives them the time and space to release their pent up energy. This week we were taught how to pose like a flamingo and how to hop around like a rabbit. Temperatures will keep on soaring from here on out so this week’s gym class was our last one for this school term.


Ika. No.O,Su.Shi

On Thursday we kicked off the morning by doing a ‘loiterer drill.’ In the event that a loiterer enters the school premises a teacher has to turn off all the school building lights and tell the students to hide in a safe place in the classroom where it would be hard for the loiterer to notice them. The teacher taught us the acronym ‘ika-no-o-su-shi.’ “Ika” stands for don’t go anywhere with a stranger. “No” means that students should never board a stranger’s car. “O” stands for shouting out for help when you notice that a stranger is following you. “Su”means to run away quickly! “Shi” means to inform parents and teachers. Everyone was able to follow the teacher’s instructions calmly and no one cried. Well done Meadow!


Birthday party for July babies

On Thursday after the morning lesson, everyone gathered in the music room to celebrate students born in July. Meadow doesn’t have any July babies but our fellow nursery friends Rainbow have 2 boys who celebrated their birthdays this month. Congratulations to the both of them on turning 3!

The teacher in charge of the birthday party prepared a zumba dance skit for everyone and we enjoyed dancing to the groovy beat.



Can you match the insects?

During Friday’s afternoon lesson, the students attempted to complete a worksheet about insects. As it was our last day exploring this topic, the teacher saw it befitting that we took on the challenge. It was more of an activity to check how well Meadow students absorbed the information that they were given this whole month and how well they could remember. Everyone did their absolute best!

金曜日のサークルタイムで、Meadowさんたちは昆虫に関するワークシートに挑戦しました。私たちはこのテーマを探究する最終日に、ピッタリのアクティビティだと判断しました。それはむしろ、Meadowさんたちがこの 1 か月昆虫の名前をどれだけ吸収したか、そしてどれだけよく覚えているかを確認するための活動でした。みんな全力で頑張りました!

Thank you for reading and goodbye for now. Wishing you an awesome weekend!