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Meadow:Green is the new gold( August 7th~10th)

A warm hello to you all. Welcome to Meadow’s second blog of this month. Our week was only 4 days long and most of our friends were absent mainly due to sickness but we made the most of the little time we had and made sure to enjoy ourselves to the maximum.


The highlight of our week was when we joined Rainbow class on Tuesday and spent the whole day together. It was fun having both the morning and afternoon lessons with new friends!


Do you like broccoli ice-cream?

One of our songs for this month’s topic is “Do you like broccoli ice-cream?” It’s a song that asks kids if they like certain foods and after they say yes, the singer goes on to ask if they like a weird food combo e.g ‘broccoli ice-cream’ and ‘banana soup’. Meadow students love this song because they find it very silly! We all have a good laugh while singing it.

今月歌っている歌の一つは、”Do you like broccoli ice-cream?”。この歌は、子どもたちにある食べ物が好きかどうかを尋ね、「Yes!」と答えた後、「ブロッコリー・アイスクリーム」と「バナナ・スープ」のような奇妙な食べ物の組み合わせが好きかどうかを尋ねる歌です。Meadowさんたちはこの歌が大好きです!歌いながらみんなで大笑いしています。

Green vegetables

This week during our afternoon circle time we focused on learning about the names of green vegetables. Most kids associate vegetables with the color green .During meal time it’s not uncommon to hear them utter something like “I don’t like green”. Since green vegetables are said to be the healthiest; the ones with the most vitamins, the teacher decided to focus on these this week. The vegetable names we learnt are broccoli, cabbage, green pepper, cucumber ,lettuce and peas.


Growing vegetable soup

One of the books we placed our focus on during story time was written by Lois Ehlert entitled “Growing Vegetable Soup.” The book is about a father and child who share the joy of planting, watering and watching seeds grow in their family garden. It’s a very colorful book and Meadow students like it a lot. After the planted seeds are watered they grow into tomatoes, broccoli, onion , cabbage, carrots , corn, zucchini, green beans, potatoes, bell peppers and peas. When they are ready to harvest the duo dig them up and make a very delicious soup together.

絵本の時間に取り上げた本のひとつが、ルイ・エレート作の『Growing Vegetable Soup 』です。この本は、家庭菜園で種を植え、水をやり、成長を見守る喜びを分かち合う親子のお話です。とてもカラフルな絵本で、Meadowさんたちはとても気に入っています。植えた種に水をあげると、トマト、ブロッコリー、タマネギ、キャベツ、ニンジン、トウモロコシ、ズッキーニ、インゲン、ジャガイモ、ピーマン、エンドウ豆に成長し、収穫の準備ができたら掘り起こして、一緒にとてもおいしいスープを作るのです。

Morning circle time

July was our last month to learn the A,B and C phonics.We moved on to the D,E and F phonics from the beginning of this month. The students are always so eager to learn new things. When the teacher says “D”, “ddd”, “dove, dog, drum” they imitate the sounds and words so enthusiastically!

7月はA,B,Cのフォニックスを学ぶ最後の月となりました。今月はD,E,Fのフォニックスを学び始めました。子どもたちはいつも新しいことを学びたがっています。先生が “D”、”ddd”、”dove, dog, drum “と言うと、とても熱心に音や単語を真似しています!

Summer vacation begins on Friday the 11th and ends on the 16th. We hope you have lots of fun but also rest well so that you come back to school refreshed and energized. Have a great summer break and be cautious out there! See you again next week!