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Super heroes in training! – Milky Way 7/19 – 7/22

The learning environment plays a pivotal role in a student’s learning outcome, it helps the student to be more motivated, engaged, and focused on his studies and enjoy his learning journey.

Our new classroom getup is all set and ready. The design was based on the upcoming Sports Festival theme, Superhero. The aim of this theme is to promote teamwork, which is also our topic in UOI, and to encourage the students to be more caring, principled, and balanced like their favorite superheroes. We are looking forward to seeing the positive effect of this project on our students; we can’t wait to see how they will apply the character and traits of a superhero to themselves in their everyday life.


We have finished our first Line of Inquiry this week. We talked about different causes of conflicts around us, may it be in the classroom, in our community, or globally. It was so surprising that when we talked about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the students contributed a lot; They were so knowledgeable about the topic and have a clear understanding of what was happening. At a very young age, they were able to prove that they are independent and international-minded learners.

今週、最初のLine of Inquiryを終えました。クラス内、地域内、世界規模などで起こるさまざまな衝突の原因について話し合いました。ロシアとウクライナの紛争について話したとき、今何が起こっているのかをとてもよく理解していたことに驚きました。小さいけれど自立した国際的な学習者であることを証明してくれました✨

The Scavenger Hunt challenge was a success! The teams practiced collaborating with other team members by communicating, strategizing together, and helping each other to achieve the goal of the game. We all had fun!

Milky Way House Cupでの借り物競争は大いに盛り上がりました!!チームメンバー同士でコミュニケーションをとり、戦略を練り、助け合いながらゲームのゴールを目指すという共同作業の練習は大成功でした!みんなとっても楽しんでいましたよ😊

As a big part of our student’s environment, we will do everything to be their step stool in reaching their dreams, support them in every way we can and be an encouragement to them to enjoy learning.


Have a wonderful weekend and We looking forward to seeing you in the next one.