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Eye Of The Tiger – Milky Way 9/26 – 9/30

The sports festival that was held last week was filled with brave and cute little heroes – parading their talents and beautiful smiles, they showed everybody what it takes to be a real superhero!


Big Hero 22 – Milky Way Class 2022

The Milky Way class collaborated and worked together to give a performance that is unforgettable; the sound of the flag slashing the air echoes their effort as a team and every glide of their ribbon in the air reflects their unity and teamwork.

Milky Wayクラスのみんなは、力を合わせてとっても素敵な、忘れられないパフォーマンスを見せてくれました。旗が空気を切る音は、チームとしての努力を、空中でなびくリボンは、みんなの団結とチームワークを映し出していました。

The journey to this ride was not easy because tears, laughter, sweat, and pain were some of the ingredients of this magnificent work. But all paid off after seeing the reaction of the audience, cheering for our class, and putting their hands together to show their appreciation for the performance.


Milky Way Family

This week was our bus trip and it was so fun!


We were welcomed by the chirping birds and a beautiful scenery of the park! The mountains surrounding the view looked magnificent partnered with the relaxing breeze that kissed our faces as we stroll the place. Every person we bumped into greeted us with a smile and the kids replied with an energetic hello. It was indeed a perfect day!


One of the highlights of the trip was the packed lunch made by the parents, the students were so elated to show their classmates what has their mom/dad prepared for them. We sat on the grass under the shade of the tall trees and filled the whole park giggles and laughters as we consumed our precious lunch, It was a pleasant moment for everybody!


Before we call it a day, we headed to the hill close to the airport’s runway and used our feet to run around, jump up and down, crawl on the grass and many more. We even enjoyed it more when airplanes taking off and landing on the ground put up a show for us! It was just a great experience.


We had a hard time bidding goodbye to two of our friends who are leaving ISN. They will be venturing to a different journey and go on to other path. We will miss them so much and we will treasure the memories we have made together!


Eye of the tiger is not just a song, but it is a phrase which means perseverance and tenacity which are two of the characters that our Milky Way students posses and display everyday: We never back down in every challenge we meet and we are always ready to hit the goal because We are the EYE of THE TIGER!

Eye of the tigerは単なる歌ではなく、忍耐と粘り強さを意味するフレーズで、私たちミルキーウェイの子ども達が持ち、毎日見せてくれるキャラクターの一つです。私たちは、どんな困難にも決して引き下がらず、常にゴールを目指しています!!