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Milky Way’s 30-Day Fitness Challenge! 5/15-5/19

Regular physical activity helps young children build endurance and develop strong muscles and bones, maintain good sleeping patterns, improve fine motor skills including balance, dexterity, and flexibility.


This week in Milky Way class, we started a 30- Day Fitness Challenge, days 1 to 5. This is related to our LOI2: Habits that keep us healthy which is to have regular exercise. Let’s take a look at how they did the following exercises!

今週のMilky Wayクラスでは、30日間フィットネスチャレンジを始め、Day1からDay5の項目にチャレンジしました。これは、LOI2「健康を維持する習慣」の「定期的に運動をする」に関連しています。それでは、エクササイズの様子を見てみましょう!カエルジャンプ、つま先タッチ10回、頭の上でボールを3秒キープなどがありました😊

We also have a new Jump Rope Challenge wherein each student has a card that tells what challenges they have to complete. Once they do one challenge, they can get a sticker. When they complete all the challenges in Level 1, they will receive a medal and they can move to the next level. Here are some of our challengers who completed Level 1. Congratulations!


After making Go, Grow, and Glow food crafts, we asked them to make a healthy lunch box with the crafts they made such as rice ball, pasta, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, and cucumber. Then, we connect this activity to our LOI2: Habits that keep us healthy which is to eat healthy. When we opened our Obento shop, some played as the workers and others pretended as customers. After buying healthy food, they brought their lunch box to the tent and ate it with their friends. Thank you very much for donating a tent. They really love it!


In Phonics, we began learning about Digraphs /sh/ such as shoes, shell, ship, sheep, shark, shamrock, and /ch/ as in cherry, chocolate, church, chicken, cheetah, chess. We learned an unfamiliar word which is “shamrock”. One of our friends has knowledge about it and he shared what he knew about shamrock. He said that it is popular in Ireland and that the color of the leaves become purple when it’s cold and that the flowers have many other colors. We also searched it in google to see the real picture of it. Then, on our way to the park, we saw a clover which is similar to a shamrock because of its leaves, but we found out that their flowers look different.

フォニックスレッスンでは、shoes, shell, ship, sheep, shark, shamrockなどの「sh」とcherry, chocolate, church, chicken, cheetah, chessなどの「ch」について学び始めました。’shamrock’シャムロックという聞き慣れない単語を聞くと、クラスの一人が、知っているシャムロックについて教えてくれました。アイルランドではポピュラーな花で、寒くなると葉の色が紫になり、花にはいろいろな色があるということでした。また、googleで検索して実際の写真も見てみました。そして、公園に行く途中、葉っぱの形がシャムロックに似ているクローバーを見かけて観察しましたが、花の形は違うということがわかりました👀

Milky Way students had so much fun playing with hula hoops at the gym. Our gym teacher showed us various ways on how to use it and they tried their best to do it. One of our favorites is using the hula hoop as a jump rope. We love jump ropes!


Thank you for reading! Have a good weekend!