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We love to dance! Milky Way 7/24-28

Matsumoto Bon Bon is a music festival where various groups of locals come together and dance through the streets of Matsumoto on the first Saturday of August. The dance performed is a very easy dance to learn for those interested and gets repeated for up to 4-5 hours with a few 15 minute breaks in between. This year, we are very excited to finally be able to join this festival on August 5th. With that, Milky Way class has to prepare for the upcoming festival. We started on decorating the hand fans that we will use when dancing. First they made origami fireworks which were kind a challenging for them, but did their best to make it! They glued it on the paper fan shape to decorate one side of the fan. On the other side, they drew pictures which are related to the summer season such as ice cream, ice, beach, etc. Of course it won’t be complete without the dance, so we watched the video tutorial of the Matsuri dance and tried to practice it. Everybody is looking forward to using their fans in the festival while dancing! See you there!


Recently, Milky Way class has been talking about the stuff they like such as Among Us, Ghost Buster, and Super Mario. They keep saying that they wanted to watch a video about those, and we found the dance videos which are very interesting. Now, they always request to dance during our morning circle time and they are really having fun!

最近、ミルキーさん達はよく「Among Us」「Ghost Buster」「Super Mario」など、自分たちの好きなものについて話しています。そんな中、ダンスビデオを見つけたのでみんなで踊ってみました。今では、朝のサークルタイムでいつもダンスをリクエストしてくれ、楽しんで踊っています😊

At the gym, we also started to practice for our Sports Festival dance performance. This year’s theme is about Travels/Countries. Since we had an old friend who went back to Hawaii and everybody wants to go to Hawaii someday, we came up to do a Hawaiian dance. They will also be using ribbons in their performance. They only practiced once, but most of them were able to catch up and follow the steps easily. We can’t wait to show this to all of you soon!


In Phonics, we reviewed the digraph words we learned in the previous lessons by playing “I have… Who has…” card game. In this way, students learned to focus and listen to the person reading the card, so that they can do the game continuously and smoothly. We will play this again next time. 

フォニックスレッスンでは、「I have… Who has…」のカードゲームを通して、前回のレッスンで学んだダイグラフの単語を復習しました。このアクティビティでは、子ども達はカードを読む人の話を集中して聞くことを学び、スムーズにゲームを続けることができるようになりました。またやってみようと思います✨

In our writing lesson, we started to create simple sentences using digraph words, and write them down in the notebook. We now do it by table, and while one table is doing the writing, other tables have another writing workstation activity and we rotate after 10-15 minutes.


That’s all! Thank you for reading our blog and have a wonderful weekend!