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Anger Trigger & Among Us! Milky Way 7/31-8/4

What makes you angry? “When someone pushes me. When someone hits me. When someone grabs my toy. When someone teases me.” Those are some of their answers that they wrote on a big paper. We all worked together to spell the words needed to complete the sentences. We thought that by doing these things it would cause a problem/argument/conflict and that we will try to avoid doing such things. When there’s a problem, there’s always a solution. We thought of what we can do to solve or manage these problems and picked on the following pictures like “Take 10 deep breaths, ask for help, take a break, do another activity, apologize, and so on.” Of course, it’s always important to communicate with friends and talk about what happened and how they can end the conversation peacefully.

みんなはどんなときに怒る?「誰かに押されたとき。誰かにたたかれたとき。おもちゃを取られたとき。からかわれたとき。 」これは大きな紙にみんなで書いた答えの一部です。文章を作る時やスペルがわからないときは、みんなで一緒に考えながら書きました。こういうことをすると問題や言い合い、衝突が起こるのだと思い、そのようなことをしないようにしようと思いました。また、問題があれば、必ず解決策もあります。今度はこれらの問題を解決するために何ができるかを考え、”10回深呼吸する、助けを求める、休憩する、別の遊びをする、謝る、など のカードを選びました。もちろん、友だちとコミュニケーションをとることは常に大切で、何が起こったのか、どうすれば穏やかに解決できるのかを話し合っていきます。

The Among Us, Super Mario, and Ghost Buster dances have become part of our morning routine. Everyday we let them choose the dance they want to do which also helps them to exercise and move their body. We also did some activities related to Among Us like making origami Among Us characters. Making small folds of the origami was a little bit challenging, but thank you to our friends for helping us.


In our IB Time, we also have new Among Us themed Math counting and writing activities. To skip counting by 5’s activity card, they have to write the missing number on the box with the Among Us character. Another is the 1-100 number card wherein they have to write the mystery number behind the Among Us character. Be careful with the color of the character, make sure to write the number on the corresponding color.


Sharing is caring! Our tomato plants keep bearing lots of fruits. On Friday we went to Shooting Star class to share some tomatoes and everybody enjoyed eating tomatoes. Sold Out!!! Another thing that we can share is our baby snails! We posted a poster at the entrance about it, so those who are interested in taking care of snails, we are glad to share it with you. Please let us know.

おすそ分けは思いやり!Milky Wayのみんなが一生懸命お世話をしているトマトの苗にはたくさんの実がなり続けています🍅金曜日には、Shooting Starクラスにおすそ分けをしました。みんなトマトが大好きで、持って行った分全部完売しました😊!もう一つ、私たちがおすそ分けしているものは、カタツムリの赤ちゃんです!エントランスにポスターが貼ってありますので、ご覧ください。今週は計50匹ほどの赤ちゃんがお友達のお家へお引越しをしていきました。毎日卵から赤ちゃんが生まれていますので、カタツムリのお世話に興味のある方は、ぜひお声がけくださいね🐌

We finished decorating our fans for Matsumoto Bonbon Festival and we are ready and excited for the event! Hope to see you there!