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Busy Bees! MW 6/3-6/7

Hello June! We began the week by updating our class calendar. After changing the month to June, numbers or dates were distributed to the students and one by one they stood up to put the numbers in the correct sequence. We remembered to write the important events of the month including the birthdays of our friends and the activities scheduled for the month. After writing them down, most of them said “Wow, we have many activities!”. Which is true especially in the first week of June. Three days straight, Tuesday to Friday, we started working as bees!

Painting is an enjoyable and engaging activity that children of all ages love to do. While painting is often thought of as a fun way for children to express their creativity and imagination, it can also help develop fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are important for a child’s overall development as they allow them to perform small, precise movements with their hands and fingers. These skills are necessary for many everyday tasks such as writing, using utensils, and tying shoelaces. It is also a good way to relax and makes us happy.  It’s Tuesday! Everybody was waiting for this day when they could finally paint the drawings they created for the wall design. They drew the things that make them happy at school. They tried their best not to make it messy and to make it as beautiful as can be. Slowly but surely they did a fantastic and amazing painting! Great work, Milky Way!

On Wednesday, we spent our morning with the Rainforest class of Shimauchi campus, in the rice field for a rice planting experience. After listening to the JA Akashina staff on how to plant the rice seedlings, we started to walk to the rice field. The first steps into the rice paddies was a mix of a bit of fear and lots of excitement, hearing everyone’s scream and laugh! At first they struggled to keep their balance in the muddy field, but gradually they got used to it and started to go around to plant the rice seedlings. Most of them asked for more rice seedlings to plant. Everybody worked hard and really had fun!  What a great experience!

The fun with Rainforest class was not over yet, because we still had time to bond with them at Shimauchi campus. We ate lunch together and went to their library to relax while reading the books that caught our attention. We were surprised by their song presentation for us. What a lovely song! Thank you, Rainforest students and teachers! We are looking forward to our next bonding moments!

Thursday! It’s time to go to Gojo campus! This is their second time to visit ISN elementary school in Gojo and they are still very excited. We had a quick tour around the school and we were amazed to see different rooms such as the Nurse room, Music room, and Sky room. We had a chat with their nurse, heard the sound of some music instruments, and saw the beautiful scenery outside from the Sky room windows. The Milky Way students had a great time doing all the activities with the teachers and students, happy to see their old friends, and enjoyed eating lunch under the tent they made for us. Hope we can visit again next time. Thank you for having us!

It was the busiest week so far for Milky Way class and also the best week ever! Everybody had a lot of fun for three consecutive days and for sure they will never forget these experiences!

See you on Monday for our school open day! Till our next blog!