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Rainbow Nagano: Diving into the Sea!

Time flies and we are on the last week of July! Which is also the last week for our Rainbow kids to review about the sea animals. For this week’s blog, we have covered the craft lesson and the pool time. We made our very own fish and octopus during the craft time! For the fish, we design and put on the colorful scraps on them. Each of us take turn to share the glue stick and paste their favorite scraps on the paper fish. We seen all the creative fishes came alive when the Rainbow kids put their efforts into it. Wonderful Rainbow! Next, we also made the octopus, we first cover the toilet roll with a piece of red origami paper. Then, the kids design the faces of their octopus. We saw the octopus was designed nicely with different emotions, happy, sad, angry, excited, sleepy and etc. The kids were satisfied with their works and we have displayed them on the wall. Dear parents, please do come and check them out!

Due to the continuation of the Summer program, we had our pool time too! Thank you to all the parents who allowed their kids to enter the pool, they really had fun. As usual, we checked the weather and ensure that it is safe to enter the pool everyday. Next, we changed our clothes into swimsuit and did the stretches. Before we enter the pool, we always reminded them that we should obey the rules such as do not dive, do not splash the water and take shower before and after the pool. The Rainbow kids have became more independent and observed the rules, well done!

We will begin our new theme in August, which is next week! We will be learning the Fruits! See you again!