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Air, land, and sea transportation- Rainbow(January 10th-13th)

空、陸、海の輸送乗り物 Rainbowクラス   1月10日から13日より

Hello everyone,


Welcome to another fun week of learning and playing in Rainbow class.


Tuesday – It was a pleasant weather this week. Kids were also in good mood coming to school everyday and they enjoy their favorite car toys during their free play. In connection with our lesson, we made our transportation craft. Our youngsters enjoyed coloring their yachts and painting their paper plates with blue colors for the water. We will finish them threading with the yarn for the waves and are excited to hang them in the hallway.


After we made our craft, we went out in the yard to exercise our muscles, moving our bodies. We played “tail tag”. The teacher put the handkerchief on her back and the children started chasing and tried catching and taking it away. We spent a long time running and chasing each other. That made them hungry and tired and had a sound sleep after lunch.




It’s the first gym lesson for this year. It was cold in the gym but after we started stretching and running, the children were active as ever. The teacher prepared a long rope and after listening to the instructions they started jumping over the rope going in one direction. That was a fun way to keep our bodies warm.


Counting numbers 1-20


Our youngsters had fun counting numbers with their favorite car toys. They pointed to the toys with a stick while counting and showed the number of toys with their fingers. Well done Rainbow!


Alphabet recognition


We are learning Alphabet U, V, and W and their phonics. We showed the flashcards and asked students to repeat after the teacher then we did the “ Alphabet hop activity.“ Our youngsters enjoyed hopping to the correct letters being asked by the teacher. We also did the phonics sorting activity. We provided three boxes with letter U, V, X in each box. The children picked up the phonics cards spread on the floor and put them in the appropriate box. We have U- u-u umbrella, unicorn, under, unicycle. V-v-v violin, vest, vegetable, W-w-w-watch, watermelon, and more. Well done, Rainbow✨

子供達はアルファベットのU,V,Wとフォニックスを学んでいます。フラッシュカードを見せて子供達に先生の後に続けて言うように伝え、「アルファベット ホップ アクティビティ」をしました。子供達は先生が聞いた正しい文字まで跳んでいきました。また、フォニックスの分類のアクティビティもしました。U.V.Xの文字をそれぞれの箱に入れました。子供達はフォニックスカードを取って床に広げて、適している箱に入れました。みんなU- u-u umbrella, unicorn, under, unicycle. V-v-v violin, vest, vegetable, W-w-w-watch, watermelonのようにアクティビティをしました。頑張ったね、レインボークラスのお友達✨

Learning about air, land and sea transportation


Kids use their imaginations and according to their daily experiences, how we use transportation, and how do they get to the place they want to go. We did the transport puzzle activity by looking for the missing half part of the body. They enjoyed matching the missing part and naming the transport.


We have a picture of the sky, land, and sea on the wall. We spread the flashcards on the floor and the kids picked one and stuck it in the appropriate place if they pass through the air, land or sea. The children were able to sort correctly. Well done, Rainbow!


We talked about the places where we usually go like a park, gym, school, pool, etc. We asked the kids how they go there. We used the phrase ” I go by… bus, car, van, truck, motorbike.”  They enjoyed telling the places they went and saying the phrases.

みんなで、公園、体操教室、スクール、プール、等のいつも行く場所について話しました。子供達にどのように行くのか聞いてみました。” I go by… bus, car, van, truck, motorbike. ”のフレーズを使いました。みんな、行った場所を話したり、フレーズを言ってみたりして楽しみました。

One fine, fun day at the park

Thank you for reading and see you in our next update. Have a wonderful weekend.