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Demons out, good luck in (Rainbow- Jan.30-Feb.3)

鬼は外、福は内 (レインボークラス 1月30日から2月3日より)

Hello everyone,


We ended the month having our student’s dear parents coming to school for school open day. They have observed how their kids have grown up, and how they are doing at school. Kids also showed their best during the circle time and enjoyed most having a recreation with the parents doing the tail tag in the school yard. To dear parents, it’s a great pleasure having you over in spite of your busy schedule.


February lesson– We started our lesson about family. We sing the ” Finger family song” while moving our fingers and introduced the family members by showing flashcards of grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister, baby. We talked about the family living in the house and did the activity “guess who is in the house” by opening the windows, and each room of the house decoration on the wall. They enjoyed it and kept on opening all the windows and named them.

2月の学びー家族について学び始めました。おじいさん、おばあさん、お父さん、お母さん、お兄さん、弟、お姉さん、妹のフラッシュカードを見せて家族それぞれを紹介して私達の指を動かして” Finger family song”を歌っています。家に住んでいる家族について話しました。また窓を開けて「誰が家の中にいるのか当てる」ゲームをしました。みんな楽しんで全部の窓を開けてはそれぞれの名称を言ってみました。

Alphabet X Y Z – We introduced the last set of alphabet: X, Y, Z and their phonics. Kids got excite doing our activity “Go to … ” The teacher say the phonics like X-X- Xylophone, Y-y-y- Yo-yo and more, and the children ran to the correct alphabet flashcards we stuck in two corners of the room.

アルファベットXYZーアルファベットの最後のグループである X, Y, Z とフォニックスを紹介しました。子供達は “Go to … “という活動に大喜びでした。先生がX-X- Xylophone, Y-y-y- Yo-yo and moreのようにフォニックスを言ってみると、子供達はアルファベットのフラッシュカードへ走って行き、部屋の二か所の隅に集まりました。

New dance Exercise- Balance on one foot– Rainbow class who loves dancing and singing enjoy most, our new dance exercise. They tried twisting, hopping, turning around balancing their bodies. Each of them are very proud showing how to balance their bodies standing on one foot. Have a look at their cute gestures.

新しいダンス体操ーBalance on one footーダンスや歌がとても好きなレインボークラスの子供達は新しいダンスの体操をしました。みんな体をひねったり、片足で跳んだり、一周ぐるっと回ったり体のバランスを取ったりしようとしました。どのお友達も片足で立って上手に体のバランスを取って見せてくれるのを自信を持って行っています。可愛らしい動作をご覧ください。

Gym day


We experience freezing temperature these days. Going to the gym, do some stretching, running and doing some activities help our youngsters to keep their bodies warm and stay active. This week, they enjoyed making a long train by holding the rope with their both hands and keep on walking passing through the tunnel, turning right and left without breaking the line. Well done, Rainbow.



Setsubun is typically celebrated by families who gather together to throw roasted soybeans out their front door to drive away evil spirits and welcome good fortune.

Rainbow class made their demon mask craft. Each of them got a paper plate and decorated them with their preferred colors of origami papers, tearing them into pieces and glued them on the paper plate. We are expecting the demon to come in the classroom on Setsubun day so we made balls to hit the monster instead of the beans. Kids enjoyed tearing newspapers and them up in the air. After playing, we made them into balls making a circle shape and taped them.
We explained to the students about Setsubun and they listened carefully. One of the office staff pretended to be a monster and came in the room. Without hesitation, kids threw balls and hit it. We heard some kids cry, and some of them were really frightened. It was a good experience for them and they learned a lesson and promised to be a good kid.




Playing with newspapers, Newspaper tearing and making balls.


Ball throwing to demon: Demons out, good luck in


Thank you for reading.

Keep warm and have a wonderful weekend.