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Rainbow: Insects around us! July 3rd~7th

Welcome to Rainbow’s first blog of the month of July. We welcomed the new month with a new topic-“INSECTS.” Kids are naturally interested in things that craw or fly. Some are fascinated enough to want to catch them, others are still fascinated but are scared when you try to get them close.
Besides learning how to say insect names in English, our aim for this month is for the students to appreciate nature. Some kids naturally want to squash insects such as roly poly bugs, ants and worms when they see them but we hope by the end of the month they would have learnt that all life is important.


Afternoon circle time

As we dove head first into the insects topic, we introduced 6 insects to the students. These are the bee, ant, butterfly, ladybug , snail and dragonfly. One of the songs we started learning this week is the “butterfly ,ladybug, bumblebee” song. When we sing this song we add gestures and pretend to fly like these three insects. The students like the song a lot!

We also enjoy going to hunt for bugs around the classroom. The teacher spreads many insects around the classroom and the students go hunting for them and put what they caught into an insect cage. This helps the students to remember the insect names.

虫をトピックにサークルタイムでは、6つの虫の名前を英語で学び始めています。beeハチ, antアリ, butterflyチョウチョ, ladybugテントウムシ , snailカタツムリ dragonflyトンボの6種類です。”butterfly ,ladybug, bumblebee” というタイトルのお歌も毎日歌っています。この歌を歌う時には、手遊びをしながら歌います!どんな手遊びか、ぜひお子さんに聞いてください!子供たちはみんなこのお歌が大好きです!クラスに虫のカードをちりばめて、Insects Huntを楽しみました。子供たちは虫を捕まえて、先生の持っている虫かごに入れてくれました。この活動は虫の名前を覚えるのにとっても良い活動でした。

Fun in the pool

Everyday is now very hot so unless it rains we basically spend our mid mornings having fun in the pool. When the pool time began on the 26th of last month, some students didn’t really like having water splashed on them. They seemed a bit reluctant to get into full contact with the water but now everyone is very comfortable playing in the water! I think it’s safe to say that pool time is now Rainbow’s favorite activity of the week.


Morning circle time

With the dawn of a new month we began learning about the weather. Some students can already identify the weather conditions without being told. As soon as they enter the classroom and greet the teachers they say “it’s sunny today” or “it’s cloudy today” etcetera.

今月からWheatherについても学び始めました。たくさんのレインボーさんが、先生の教えなしに今日の天気を英語で言うことができます!クラスに入室するとすぐに、 “it’s sunny today” や、 “it’s cloudy today”というお友達もいます!

We are excited to learn a lot about insects this month through dance and song, craft activities and games.Until next week it’s goodbye from Rainbow . Enjoy your weekend!