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Rainbow: Cucumber,is that you? (August 21st~25th)

Welcome to Rainbow’s third blog of this month. The week began with everyone suffering from a serious case of Monday blues but as the week progressed everyone was back to their normal jovial selves again. The highlight of the week was the birthday party for those born in August.


Welcome new friends from Meadow class

We kicked off the week by welcoming M and E from Meadow class. As can be expected in the case where students move to an unfamiliar environment and begin to forge new friendships, it’s been a bit tough for them. Luckily Rainbow is a warm and fun environment where they will soon feel like they belong. For now we plan to take it easy with them, one step at a time as they adjust to being part of a new class. Here’s to creating nice memories together as a modified class!


Birthday party

On Thursday we celebrated the birth of all our schoolmates who were born in August. From our class, one boy F, turned 3 on the 5th of August. He is such an intelligent and sweet little boy. We hope that turning 3 means that he gains tripple the wisdom he already has. May he continue to be kind and caring towards his classmates and teachers!A very happy birthday to you F!!!!!


Morning circle time

As far as phonics’ study go,this week we placed our focus on learning words that begin with the letter D. The words we learnt are dad, drum, desert, dolphin, deer, dinner, dog, dress, donut, dolphin and duck.

フォニックスの学びは、現在Dにフォーカスを当てて進めています。Dから始まる単語も増え、 dad, drum, desert, dolphin, deer, dinner, dog, dress, donut, dolphin 、duckを学びました。

Cucumber, is that you?

During afternoon circle time this week we played a fun game to help us memorize vegetable names. The teacher gave the students one flashcard each and spread a similar set of flashcards over the floor. It was such that for one card everyone had in their hands , there was a similar one on the floor. The students concentrated on locating their assigned vegetables. Before they picked up their cards I could imagine them quietly asking,”cucumber/tomato/potato is that you?” The students had fun looking for their vegetable pair!

サークルタイムでは、現在Vegetableについて学んでいます。お野菜の名前を覚えるために、いくつかのゲームをしました。先生が子どもたちに野菜のフラッシュカードを配り、子どもたちは自分の持っているカードと同じカードを見つけます。みんな集中してフロアーに置かれたカードを探します。子どもたちがカードを拾い上げる前に、”cucumber/tomato/potato is that you?”と先生が訪ね、野菜のカードがマッチしているか再確認しています。

We were also given worksheets where we had to find same vegetables and join them with lines! The students have done this activity a couple of times now and I’m proud to say that they have improved a lot.


Recently there has been news about people who fell victim to heat stroke. Temperatures are still very high so please take care of yourselves.


Until next week, have a fabulous weekend!