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Rainbow:Autumn bus trip (October 10th~13th)

Welcome to Rainbow’s second blog of the month. Autumn is now in full gear and we are all enjoying the cool temperatures! Since it’s now cooler the students have become more active. We enjoyed lots of outdoor play this week!


Bus trip

We started off our week by enjoying an autumn exercursion. Our bus trip destination was Shonai park. It is a very popular park among the locals. The reason being that it has lots of space and the play structures are interesting to kids. When we arrived we had a photo shoot and then had our morning snack. Everyone was a bit worried that it would rain and the trip would be cancelled but we were lucky that it didn’t and we got to enjoy playing at a somehat new environment. Many thanks go to Rainbow parents for preparing delicious lunches for the kids, they enjoyed them so much.


Square bird craft

On Wednesday we enjoyed making a square bird during afternoon lesson. A square is one of the most common shapes we encounter in our daily lives. The chairs in the classroom are square shaped, some of our toys are square shaped as well and on Tuesday there are students who brought square shaped lunch boxes.


Short walks and fun at the park

On Thursday and Friday we went to the small park near campus. The main plan was to go to the one behind seven eleven but it was already occupied when we got there.


Have a nice weekend. Until next week it’s goodbye from us!