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Rainbow: Who is in the house?(February 5th~9th)

Hello everyone! 皆様、こんにちは!
Welcome to Rainbow’s first blog of the month. Our topic for February is FAMILY so we are excited to learn words associated with family and to learn about relationships and love! The highlight of our week was that we played a lot in the snow the day after it snowed heavily! Making snowmen and trying snowball fights was very fun. As we played in the schoolyard one of the students started singing the “little snowflake” song. It was January’s monthly song. As teachers we were so proud that the student could connect the meaning of the song to what was happening around him. Good job K!


Numbers and line tracing

It’s not too long now until Rainbow moves a step up to be Aurora students. The students will be doing lots of writing so in preparation for this we placed emphasis on learning how to count objects. We also began practising how to trace lines during morning lesson.



Wednesdays are special to us because we get to enjoy being active and release lots of pent up energy!


Family and love

To most people, family is synonymous with love. When Rainbow students hear the word “mommy, daddy, sister, brother” their eyes light up. Hence learning about family vocabulary is proving to be very fun for everyone! During afternoon circle time we played a game called “who is in the house?” Everyone had to individually put a family member in the house displayed on the wall and say, “my mommy is in the house” and “my brother is in the house” etc.

ほとんどの人にとって、家族とは、イコール愛であり、かけがえのないものです。レインボーのお友達も、 “mommy, daddy, sister, brother” というワードを聞くと、目を輝かせています。家族について学ぶことは、レインボーさんにとっても楽しいトピックなのですね。午後のサークルタイムで、”who is in the house.” というゲームをしました。一人ひとりが前に立ち、壁に貼ったお家に家族の誰かを貼り、 “my mommy is in the house” や “my brother is in the house” などのセンテンスを練習しました。


We are always excited to clap , sing and dance on Fridays!


Monday the 12th is a public holiday so please have a fun-filled long weekend and gets lots of rest. We hope to see you again on Tuesday.


Below are the links to the songs we sang and danced to this week. 今週歌って踊ったリンクです。