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Happy Children’s Day! Shooting Star-April 22nd-26th


Happy Children’s Day!

May 5th in Japan is a national holiday dedicated to celebrating the happiness of children. Shooting Star doesn’t want to miss this event that’s why we make a Koinobori craft in advance to show the world how we enjoy this event intended for us which symbolizes strength as the fish are able to swim upstream. We made different colors of our koinobori according to our preference-daddy, mommy, or baby. With our materials ready at hand, we grabbed our crayons to draw the back to back eyes of our koinobori. Then, we folded down the tissue paper into a small shape and dip it into different colors to make it bright and colorful and allowed to dry. As we made our craft, we noted that we are knowledgeable because we know what koinobori means and we are also risk-taker because we try new things and new ways how to do it.

もうすぐ5月5日!「子どもの日」に向けてこいのぼり製作をしました!クレヨンでこいのぼりの目を描いたら「染め紙」という技法でこいのぼりの胴体を作りました。キッチンペーパーを四角や三角など、自分の好きな形に折り、そのあと、好きな絵具の色を選び、浸します。ペーパーを広げ、色の広がりや混ざり具合を見て、”Wooooooow” “I like pink and blue” “Its beautiful right?”などとみんな大興奮でした🎏💛「こいのぼり」は滝もぐんぐん登っていけるくらい力強い生き物と言われています。子どもたちが健康に心も体も大きく成長していきますように…✨✨

For our UOI, we have covered all the learner profile and we try to apply all these ten traits in everything that we do, both inside and outside the classroom. During the afternoon circle, we talked about our schedule for the whole day, from morning until the afternoon circle then, we discussed which learner profile that best describes our actions. Example, when we go to the park, we see an earthworm and potato bug crawling on the ground and we are not scared of touching it, we are Inquirers and Risk-takers!


Speaking of park, we went to Tokyo Interior park on foot and we went to Nambu park by bus. On our walk to Tokyo Interior park, we enjoyed viewing the tulips, dandelion, and other flowers along the way. We stopped from time to time to have a closer look at them. We had a great time blowing the seeds off a dandelion. We had so much fun! At Nambu park, we had so many fun activities to take a look at like watching trains passing by, playing at the play structure, and discovering the world of insects on the playground. We discovered a long earthworm and we tried to touch it without being scared.

公園ではたくさんの「春」との出会いが!たんぽぽの綿毛を見つけて、みんなで吹いて飛ばしたり、蜘蛛やダンゴ虫、ミミズを見つけて大喜び!暖かい日差しの中、大きい遊具でたくさん体を動かしたり!電車と並走して走ったり!とっても元気いっぱい、高いところもへっちゃらなShooting Starさんです。


Have a fantastic long weekend everyone.