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Songs and Celebrations!

This week the students continued comparing families similarities and differences between them. These lessons consisted of looking at families heights and the number of people in their family photos. The students colored different size people and glued them in height order on a sheet of paper. The next lesson they made a class graph to see who has the most/least family members in their photos.


Phonics has been a lot of fun! The students made letter books again and learned about vowels and consonants. First we sang the ABC song together but instead of just singing we jumped every time we said a vowel as we marched around singing the song. We also looked at vowel and consonant patterns in names and different words.


Lastly this week in Savanna we celebrated a birthday. Each class is in charge pf their own birthday party for the time being so Wednesday we sang a song together and Ms Courtney played the ukulele in the class. It was a blast!

今週、Savannaクラスのお友達がお誕生日を迎えました。今週水曜日に、クラス内でお誕生日会を開きました。Ms Courtney がウクレレを弾いて、みんなでお歌を歌いました。

We hope everyone has a wonderful and safe weekend!