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Shooting Star/Savanna Journey to Imagination!

This week was probably one of the most exciting weeks for Savanna and Shooting Star students because they did not only have their Physical Education class, which they look forward to every week, but also they had their halloween party! 今週はおそらくサバンナ、シューティングさんにとって、いままでで1番楽しい1週間だったのではないかと思います。ずっと楽しみにしていたハロウィンパーティーがありました!

They came to school wearing their favorite characters and flaunted their cute props to the whole class! It was like a carnival in the classroom, there were many stations which offered different attractions for everyone to enjoy! And One of the best sellers was the face painting booth; all of the students had their faces painted with their favorite halloween characters. 


The students and the teachers had a wonderful time together! 子供達は先生と一緒に歌を歌ったり、写真を撮って楽しみました。

This week, Savanna and Shooting star students had DIORAMA making for their UOI class. They used their imagination as they made their stories through making miniature stages with miniature characters in it. It’s really a fun way to tell a story! 


This week was busy but worth it! It is a priceless experience to see the students learn many things as they journey to imagination!