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Savanna Presentation Preparations!

This week the students have been preparing for their presentations next week. They all have been working so hard and we have seen a lot of their creativity in the process. Two groups decided to make kamishibai to present about their topics and one group decided to do a play for their topic.今週子供達は来週行うプレゼンの準備を開始しました。みんな一生懸命に準備をし、準備過程の中で子供達の製作力に驚かされました。2つのグループは紙芝居を選び、一つのグループはロールプレイをします。

The students have to work together for their presentations and then once they’re done, everyone will be able watch each other’s presentations. They all have been working so hard and look forward to sharing what they did with the class.子供達はプレゼンの為、グループ毎に一緒に協力して取り組まなければなりません。発表はお互いに集中して聴きます。一生懸命に取り組んでいるので、プレゼンが楽しみです。


こちらはvalentine’s dayクラフトの様子です。

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!良い週末をお過ごしください!