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Presenting Our Diorama (Sept. 27- Oct.1)


Hello, October!


In the last week of September, our class did a presentation of their diorama project! Each of them came to the front and answered the questions asked by the teacher. Examples are: What diorama did you make? What are the animals in your diorama? Is that a good or bad human action? To cover all the Lines of Inquiry in this assessment, students had to do the human action to be told by the teacher, like cut the trees in the mountains, feed the animals in the farm, and throw garbage in the ocean/river. They were all hesitant in doing the bad human actions I told them to do and kept saying, “Oh, no! That’s bad!” This just showed that students have a good understanding of what we have learned in the whole unit. Well done, everyone!

9月の最終週、私たちのクラスでは、ジオラマプロジェクトのプレゼンテーションを行いました! 一人一人が前に出て、先生からの質問に答えていきました。例を挙げると どんなジオラマを作りましたか?あなたのジオラマに登場する動物は何ですか?それは人間の行動として良いものか悪いものか?今回の評価では、すべての調査項目を網羅するために、山で木を切る、農場で動物に餌をやる、海や川にゴミを捨てるなど、先生に言われた人間の行動をすることになりました。子どもたちは皆、私が言った悪い人間の行動をするのをためらっていて、「Oh, no! と言っていました。これは、子どもたちがこのユニット全体で学んだことをよく理解していることを示しています。皆さん、お疲れ様でした。

In Phonics, we focused on the letter V as in van, vase, vegetables, violin, vulture, vacuum cleaner, and vest. They colored those pictures in the paper and practiced writing the uppercase letter V.

フォニックスでは、van, vase, vegetables, violin, vulture, vacuum cleaner, vest(バン、花瓶、野菜、バイオリン、ハゲタカ、掃除機、ベスト)などのVの文字に注目しました。それらの絵に色を塗り、大文字のVを書く練習をしました。

In Math, we continue to explore Ordinal Numbers 1st up to 10th. We had an activity wherein they had to pick an animal and tell the position it is placed. Another was, asking them to post their picture on the number called by the teacher.


We had our Music class on Thursday. Students sang a Japanese song while clapping their hands to the beat of the music. They also played castanets and maracas instruments.


On Friday, we went to the gym. We did some stretching exercises before doing some activities. Students were challenged in doing a running race. They had to start in a different starting position like laying on their belly and on their back, and stand up without using their hands.


We went for a walk together with the Rainforest class and Canyon students had a good time playing with them.


That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend!