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Sharing Our Feelings (Canyon Oct.11-15)

気持ちの共有(サバンナ、キャニオン 10月11日~15日)

Hi everyone and we are back to update you what we have done this week!


In the UOI lesson, we have been learning about identifying and describing feelings. We continue to name different feelings. Also, we started to identify and describe the feelings of the characters in a story. We read the story of Rainbow Fish. We asked the students how each character in the story feels based on their dialogue. To make it more interesting, we used role-play masks that represent each character in the story. Students had to cover their face with the mask and take it off at the count of 3 to show us the characters feelings.

UOIレッスンでは、感情の識別と記述について学んできました。様々な感情の名前を挙げていきます。また、物語の中の登場人物の気持ちを特定し、描写することも始めました。Rainbow Fish」「虹色の魚」の物語を読みました。物語の登場人物がどのように感じているのか、対話に基づいて子どもたちに尋ねました。子どもたちはマスクで顔を覆い、3つ数えたらマスクを外して、登場人物の気持ちを示さなければなりませんでした。

We also have this Feelings Wheel which we used to identify the characters feelings in the books that each of them chose from our bookshelf. We posted it on the wall where students can reach it, so that they can touch and explore the feelings in the wheel which they always do. 

また、このFeelings Wheelは、子どもたちが本棚から選んだ本の中の登場人物の気持ちを確認するために使いました。子どもたちの手の届くところに貼ってあるので、いつでもホイールに触れて気持ちを探っています。

Next, we completed a worksheet wherein students had to identify the feelings they often feel at home and paste the pictures of those feelings inside the house picture. This activity is another way of expressing themselves, because sometimes young children like them are not comfortable in telling their feelings. Next week, we’ll talk about what situations cause those feelings.


We also watched a video called The Feelings Song. The song says, Sometime we feel happy…Sometimes we feel sad…Sometimes we feel excited…Sometimes we feel mad…From that lyrics, I asked the students what makes them feel those feelings, when do they feel those feelings, or why do they feel those feelings. Each of them were able to share their feelings. They were able to identify, understand, and express their feelings in this activity. I’m glad to hear their answers individually and it’s also good to know how they feel. 

また、「感情の歌」というビデオも見ました。この歌は、Sometime we feel happy…Sometimes we feel sad…Sometimes we feel excited…Sometimes we feel mad…と歌っています。この歌詞から、子どもたちに、何がその感情をもたらすのか、どんなときにその感情を感じるのか、なぜその感情を感じるのかを尋ねました。その歌詞から、子どもたちに「何がその気持ちを起こさせるのか」「どんなときにその気持ちになるのか」「なぜその気持ちになるのか」を尋ねました。この活動では、自分の気持ちを識別し、理解し、表現することができました。私は彼らの答えを個別に聞くことができて嬉しいし、彼らがどう感じているのかを知ることができて良かったです。

On Tuesday, we made a Halloween themed craft which is Spooky Woods. Last week, we collected some sticks along the way to our playing area which we used for this craft. On the black paper, they cut and pasted the moon, ripped the white paper into smaller pieces and glued them at the bottom to serve as the ground, stuck the sticks, and added some googly eyes. 


Of course the highlight of the week is the class bus trip. It was their first time to visit this park since they joined ISN, so everyone had so much fun playing in a bigger playground. Since we only have a few students, we let them try most of the play structure, and they were really on the go to try them. Then, we had lunch at the picnic area. Thank you so much dear parents for preparing their lunch boxes. They really loved it! Our students are very interested in dinosaurs and this place was perfect for them to see one. Of course it wasn’t real! It was just a giant stone dinosaur! Finally, we reached the big slides which served as the shortcut going back to the entrance we took in the morning.


That’s all for this week! Thank you for reading our blog and have a great weekend!