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MUDDY PUDDLES- Canyon July 25th-29th

Mud play makes our little ones so happy!⭐
They loved creating something out of mud such as: train, car, chocolate cookies, & mountain. They also enjoyed watching water striders walking on water. Our youngsters were very imaginative and creative!👏🏻


Time flies so fast! We are now done with our LOI 1! As we end this topic, we reviewed our transdisciplinary theme, central idea, learner profile, and types of animals such as: Zoo, Sea & Farm Animals. We also talked about the activities we did in LOI1, and the place we visited— Alps park. Our young ones shared their fun experiences and the animals they saw in the park. To make our lesson more interesting, our dear students had a presentation: “A Trip to the Zoo” to show to the class how they conquered their fear to go inside the cage and touch some animals. In their presentation, they practiced saying, “I went to the Zoo and I saw a/an ________________!” Wonderful, Canyon!✨

今月から始めたLOI 1【私たちの周りの生き物】の学習。このトピックの学際的なテーマ、中心的アイディア、学習者プロファイル、動物の種類などを復習し、「動物園、海、農場には、それぞれどんな動物がいるのかな?」と、私たちが共存している動物、その動物たちの生息地について知る事が出来ました。またアルプス公園に行った思い出も振り返り、楽しかった事や公園でみた動物の話をしたり、どんな動物と触れ合ってきたか、”I went to the Zoo and I saw a/an ______________!” も1人ずつ発表しました。みんなの前に立ち、大きな声で発表する事にも少しずつ慣れ、上手になってきています✨

In our phonics, we are now learning letter J and its sound. Our youngsters learned some words that begin with /j/ such as: jam, jacket, jellyfish, jelly, jar, & jump rope. For our phonics activity, we made a yummy bread with jam!🍞 They cut the red paper, tore it into small pieces, and pasted on the bread as jam. Our young ones enjoyed this activity a lot!🤩

フォニックスでは、Jの文字と発音を学習しています。jam, jacket, jellyfish, jelly, jar, jump ropeなど、いくつかの単語を覚えました。アクティビティでは、 赤い紙を小さくちぎって、パンが描かれた用紙にのりで貼り、おいしいそうなジャムトーストを作りました🍞!思わず「あーん😄」と食べたくなる様なかわいさです❤みんな楽しんで取り組んでいました🤩。

Two of our little ones turned 4 this month!🎈 They were so happy and excited from their birthday photoshoot up to their birthday party with their beloved Canyon friends!💖 Happiest birthday to the two of you!🥳 Have a blast!!!🎂


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!🌞