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The practice for the Christmas show has started in Canyon class!✨ Everyone was so excited and gave their best to show what they’ve got! There are a lot of things to work with in our play such as: memorizing the songs, dance steps, lines, and transitions but our youngsters are doing great!🤩 We can see their eagerness to make our play a wonderful one. In our class, we strive for improvement and not for perfection. We are so happy to see them enjoying what they are doing.🥰 Keep it up, Canyon!


This week, we conducted an Earthquake Drill and taught them the safety precautions when it occurs. Our youngsters did a good job in following the rules! When they heard the bell, they covered their heads and hid under the table.🙆🏻‍♀🙆🏻‍♂ This kind of drill every month helps our little ones to be more cautious and be alert when a disaster happened.📣 Well done!


Another student has joined our Canyon class!🌟 Everybody welcomed him with so much joy.💟 Let’s make the remaining months of this school year a cheerful and a memorable one!🥰

キャニオンのクラスにまた新たなお友達が加わりました!🌟 みんなとても喜んで彼を迎えました💟 今年度の残り数ヶ月、楽しく過ごし明るく思い出に残るものにしましょう!🥰。

Have an awesome weekend everyone!🧡