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A treasure in our walking bag(Canyon-June 25-30)

Hello everyone,

Despite of the summer hot days we still enjoy outdoors. We went for a walk with our handmade walking bag. Our youngsters love to bring home something for their families every time we go outside. We walked by the riverside and kids looked for something, and put them in their bag. We can say that they were a treasure for them since they always think of their families and say “I’ll give this as a present for Mom!”


We enjoy summer

Kids enjoyed playing with mud and watering our growing pop corns in the yard.


Let’s learn the Letter G&H sound

This week, we learned the phonics G and H. Kids were able to pronounce the letter and were able to say the words which start with it. We played the card games and each of them were very attentive to the teacher and were able to pick the correct flashcard. Good job, Canyon!


Fire drill- Fire in the office

We conducted a fire drill and we learned how to evacuate and what to do when the fire occurs. We evacuated from the window covering our mouth and kids follow the teachers instructions on what to do. After evacuating to the parking area, we talked about the rules we have to follow and remember for everyone’s safety. These rules are; OHASHIMOTE which means

O- osanai- Don’t push because you may fall down and that may hinder from evacuating.

HA- hashiranai- Don’t run, you may get injured and will have a difficulty escaping from fire.

Shi- Shaberanai- Keep quiet so that you may hear when somebody is talking ang giving instructions.

Mo- modoranai- Don’t go back, it might be harmful and dangerous if ever there are explosions or the fire is getting bigger.

Te- Te wa kuchi ni- Cover your mouth to prevent from breathing the smoke which cause suffocation.


お‐押さない。 転倒して怪我をしてしまうかもしれない。






Happy Birthday

All classes gather together in the music room and we celebrated the birthday party for this month’s celebrants. We all sang the birthday song for them. Our celebrant looked looked happy when he was asked of the present he received on his birthday. Everyone had a blast playing the game”Pin the tail”. Happy birthday to our dear friend, let’s have fun and enjoy school.


Thank you for reading.

Have a wonderful weekend.