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Thank you, we had so much fun-Canyon(Mar. 18th-22nd)

Hello everyone,

We spent the remaining days having fun and enjoying the moments with all the classes together. The first day of the week was a heart-touching day for all the students on the campus. We had a farewell party for the Rainforest held at the gym. The party started with a dance exercise, followed by games. Lower classes offered a song to the Rainforest as a sign of their love and gratitude. They also handed their handmade presents to them. The party ended with the Rainforest song for everyone. It was indeed a wonderful day spent together. We love you, Rainforest. Please come and have a visit at school sometime.

体育館でRainforestクラスのお別れ会を開きました。Follow Meダンスエクササイズをしたり、じゃんけん電車で異年のみんなで触れ合ったりしながら楽しみました。お別れ会の終盤では、Rainforestのお兄さんお姉さんに、愛と感謝の気持ちを込めて歌とメッセージを送り、Canyonから折り紙で作った花束、Savannaから写真付きのペンダントをプレゼントをしました。Rainforestからはステキな歌とISNの手作り看板をプレゼントしてもらい、楽しいお別れ会は幕を閉じました。みんなで過ごした素晴らしい一日となりました。大好きだよRainforest!また、プレスクールに遊びに来てね。

We had a party for March’s birthday celebrants. We all gathered in the music room and started the party with the morning song. We got to know about the celebrants by asking questions to them. We got our bodies warm by doing the Yoga dance freeze. Kids had a blast dancing and stopped when the music stopped and did the same as what they could see on the screen while counting from 1 to 10. We ended the party by singing the birthday song to the celebrants.

3月の誕生会。みんなで音楽室に集まり、朝の歌でパーティーが始まりました。誕生月のお友達の自己紹介や質問大会の後は、 ヨガフリーズダンスで体を温めました。音楽に合わせて自由に踊り、音楽が鳴り止むと立ち止まって、スクリーンに映し出されたヨガポーズを10秒キープ!様々なポーズに大盛り上がりでした。最後にバースデーソングを歌ってパーティーは終了しました。

How time flies and we only have one day to spend in the Canyon class. We decided to clean the room as a sign of gratitude for using this space. We want to make the room clean and pleasant for the next students. Canyon students cooperated in cleaning their baskets, lockers, chairs, and tables. After cleaning we talked about how they feel seeing their surroundings clean. They were happy that they were able to contribute to making the room clean. Thank you for your help, Canyon.


Before we ended our day, we asked the students what memories they had and enjoyed in Canyon. Some students say I enjoyed the gym, I enjoyed the pool, I enjoyed playing outdoors, I love my friends and I had a great time with my friends and teachers, I love our transport tour seeing the airplane at the airport. Yes, we indeed had a wonderful time spent together.


We spent our last day making great memories. We played outside and enjoyed our lunch. Kids were talking about themselves and the memories they had in Canyon for the whole year. We ended the day giving their award certificate for being principled. Being Principlled is watching their action and making good things. They We are very proud of you, Canyon😊


Thank you Canyon class and the ever-dear and supportive parents. We will end this school year with a smile in our hearts. It was our pleasure to take care of your kids and to impart our knowledge to them. Thank you and see you again, soon. We love you all!!!